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Drivable Grass Structures

Drivable Grass Structures enable your permeable and beautifully landscaped grass areas to be used for overflow parking, parties and events, fire lanes and a multiple of other uses without erosion, rutting and destruction of your green space.

Drivable Pervious Grass is a great solution compared to the expense of building a traditional parking lot for permitting processes and engineering. Overflow parking is often needed at many schools, places of worship, country clubs, residential parking and sporting events. 

GRASSPROTECTA™ is your solution to replace traditional hard armor erosion control structures with high performing, naturally vegetated surfaces to reduce sediment loss and improve downstream water quality.
  • 6:17 min
    Reinforced Grass Demo
    Performance testing for BodPave85 Grass & Gravel Paving and GrassProtecta Grass Reinforcement Mesh performed by Geo-Solutions, Inc
  • 5:42 min
    How to Install Grass Reinforcement Mesh
    Grass Reinforcement Mesh is an improved heavy duty thick polyethylene mesh used for reinforcing grassed surfaces prone to wear, rutting and smearing. This product is ideal for permanent or temporary applications such as park on grass.