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Porous Pave Amos Herr Dream Park

Products Utilized: Porous Pave XLS Play Ground Surfacing with 2 inch and 3 inch Safety Shock Pad plus a Porous Pave XL Walkway.
— Jim Dowd, Aquarius Supply

The Amos Herr Playground was visualized, planned, and erected within this close knit community in Lancaster County, PA. Funds were raised by the community at large as well as a $175,000 grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The talents of Lee Archin from Play by Designs were enlisted to help the project come to life and replace the old playground to current safety specifications and utilize the best materials available for active play and longevity. Lee and his staff also acted onsite as project managers alongside the community volunteers which numbered above 100 neighbors and Ben Craddock, the engineer for the project and township resident. One of the challenges due to the proximity of Lancaster County, PA to the Chesapeake Bay was managing stormwater runoff. Aquarius Supply's Jim Dowd was involved in the project early on as the Porous Pave distributor and came to township meetings and kept on top of things as the project was installed. 

Playground Designer/ Project Manager: Play by Designs, Inc. Lee Archin, CPSI 607.351.5160

Engineer: Lancaster Civil Engineering Co. Benjamin Craddock, President 717.799.8599

“The main reason that I chose Porous Pave was so that I didn't have to install a stormwater management facility elsewhere on the property to manage runoff from traditional rubber play surfacing or impervious surfaces. This allowed me to fly through the municipal approval process and still have the fall protection that we needed for the playground. It's different from other poured-in-place rubber products that claim to be porous because Porous Pave is installed on a base of open-graded (clean) aggregate that aids in drainage. Other products are installed over compacted, well-graded aggregate that will impede infiltration...Porous Pave allows 5800 GPM per SQUARE FOOT serving as both an infiltrator and safety surface in one. Thanks again for your help during the process! I won't hesitate to specify Porous Pave again.”
— Ben Craddock, PE

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